"Building my company’s new website was a multi-phase process that Niki Biszantz oversaw entirely from inception to launch. The project was completed on-time and efficiently, allowing my office to keep our focus on our clients and projects for the duration of the build. She understood the look at feel I wanted to communicate, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Niki is a pleasure to work with and has an eye for design that was critical in effectively communicating our brand." 

-  Nicole Fuller,  Nicole Fuller Interiors


"I met Niki Biszantz through an ambitious digital endeavor that extended her employer's premier architect & designer resource to an eCommerce and virtual showroom. This “build” and subsequent brand re-positioning extended across multiple audiences, and amassed a complex product catalog driven by significant content assets, custom back-end and client communications that had to be managed internally and ranged from a dynamic blog, email marketing and aggressive PR efforts. In one simple word, Niki ‘delivered’.  Not only was she the consummate professional, she intuitively understands brand priorities and the shifting dynamics of technology driven solutions."   

Lyde Spann, Principal netamorphosis.com


"Niki Biszantz and I worked together on the design and execution of a custom mobile site for her then-employer. As the project lead, she came to me with a detailed map of the look and feel she was aiming for, with example imagery and specific instructions indicative of her fundamental understanding of mobile user experience. She then coordinated my efforts with the efforts of the company’s key developer to execute the project. Though the content and site map were complex, requiring a significant contribution from my team, it was one of the more seamless mobile integration projects I’ve been a part of in terms of client-interface thanks to Niki’s involvement, project management, and attention to detail.” 

-  Laurie Fink, Creative Director lauriefink.com